Long Distance-Learning

Long-Distance-Learning is a unique opportunity for hammered dulcimer players everywhere to benefit from private lessons with Steve Schneider. Steve’s personalized teaching can come to you no matter where you live or when you practice. You can work at your convenience in your home, going as quickly or as slowly as you feel comfortable.

Here’s how it works:

The first lesson:

  • You write a short biographical sketch regarding your goals as a musician, your experience with music in general and with the dulcimer in particular.
  • Decide what you want to work on in your lesson, and record it on your choice of cassette, videotape (VHS-C or DVC only), minidisc, or CD.
  • Write some notes describing your particular goals for this lesson, as well as any other information that could be useful, and include any printed music if you have it.
  • Contact Steve by phone or email to get a lesson confirmation so that he knows to expect your package, and so he can schedule the necessary time to give it his concentrated attention.
  • Send your lesson materials within a week of getting your lesson confirmation.

Once Steve receives your lesson, he reviews all your materials, and then listens to your recording with intense focus. He prepares a comprehensive and thorough (written, recorded on CD, or both) response with feedback and suggestions, including--when appropriate--a recording of his playing through his suggestions on hammered dulcimer and/or other instruments. In addition, you are likely to receive exercises or new music tailored to your particular needs and interests. The finished lesson will be returned within one week of Steve’s receiving it.

Students should send enough material for a one-hour lesson. This usually consists of one or two pieces and/or a few questions or issues. If it seems probable that Steve will need more than one hour to cover all the material you’ve sent, he’ll contact you.

Topics to cover in a Long-Distance-Learning lesson would be the same as those you would cover in a conventional lesson, including:

  • practicing more effectively
  • playing more musically
  • developing better hammering techniques or
  • working on a piece of music you find challenging.

Students have also benefited from general feedback and comments from Steve after he listens to a recording of excerpts of their practicing.

Fees: $60 per hour. Students pay postage for sending materials to Steve, and Steve pays the return postage, unless the student wants her/his own materials returned. The frequency of lessons is up to each individual student. Each lesson usually offers enough new challenges to practice to keep you busy for quite a while.

Scheduling: All Long-Distance-Learning lessons must be pre-scheduled with Steve, and lessons are not available during July and August. Please note that Long-Distance-Learning is not intended to replace your current teacher if you are working with one, but to enhance your learning process.

If you would like to schedule a Long-Distance-Learning lesson, or have any questions about Long-Distance-Learning, click here. Be well, stay in tune, and breathe.


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